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Spring Break Forever Podcast

Nov 30, 2016

Warning: If you are of the faint of heart or easily offended, don't listen to this podcast. Bobby and Ms. Hazzard sit down with for an unfiltered/unedited talk with their old buddy, Deuce Hollingsworth from the Yuppie Pricks. Bobby and Deuce discuss the old days - the SXSW show where everybody left after the Pricks played and Bobby's band was up next and also how the Hazzards first met at a Yuppie Pricks Summer Beach Party. Deuce tells great stories about the Pricks: getting kicked off of Alternative Tentacles, getting run out of Johnson City, TN, and why the band recently broke up (hint: it's a word that rhymes with dump). They also discuss Deuce's new band Duderonomy.