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Spring Break Forever Podcast

Jul 30, 2016

Welcome to Alice Cooper, late 80’s-early 90’s version, still testing and contesting with the musical trends, trying to find a comfortable crypt as the hair-anthems of the Eighties are giving way to the flannel-flyin’ grit of Nineties’ grunge. In this episode we traverse a trio of uneven but certainly NOT unworthy unspoolings of Alice: 1989’S TRASH, 1991’S HEY STOOPID, and 1994’S THE LAST TEMPTATION. It’s an odd array of killer riffs, hit-and-miss collaborations, slumming superstar guitar-slingers, montage-worthy choruses, face-palming ballads, phallic gun imagery, and even an appearance by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! Plus, you’ll hear the launching of the first-ever Guy Mann-Dude fan club..and hear it close just as quickly. But where o where in all of this is Alice? That’s the question we’ll attempt to answer as your hosts Bobby Hazzard, the lovely Ms. Hazzard, physician of fright Dr. Gangrene, and Troy Guinn (of the Naschycast) journey deep into the eye of the hurricane to find if Alice has really become a wanking lil’ whiner or if he’s still the cruelly witty parent-baiting reptilian ringmaster we know and love!