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Spring Break Forever Podcast

Nov 29, 2016

Swing low, sweet cheerios! That’s essentially what your intrepid, decrepit Coopercasters are doing this time around, as we leave dear old Alice on the precipice of the year 2000, about to embrace the industrial metal age, and take the way-back deep-freezer to the late 60’s when he and his Alice Cooper Band compatriots are changing, arranging and embracing more musical trends than Spinal Tap and managing to sound like everything but the ACB the world would come to love and fear.

Join host Bobby Hazzard, his lovely consort Ms. Hazzard, Nashville horror host Dr. Gangrene, and the Naschycast’s Troy Guinn as we examine some garage-rock “nuggets” released by the ACB band when they were known as The Spiders and The Nazz, followed by track-by-track discussions of the first two Alice Cooper Band albums, PRETTIES FOR YOU and EASY ACTION. In these early works, we find a band that can play the sh%t out of anything but thinks their appeal lies in the cult fringes of hippie freakout jams and Zappa-worshippers, and has no idea of the worldwide stardom that awaits them just around the corner…