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Spring Break Forever Podcast

Jan 1, 2022

Bobby discusses the blurry details of Gonerfest 18 with Shawn Carpetbagger. After that, he talks about the one night he went to Mass Destruction Fest with a very inebriated Teddy Spaghetty. Lots of music, beers, long pointless stories, and shit talk for your listening pleasure on this episode of Spring Break After Dark.

Dec 3, 2021

Bobby and Snaxx return with yet another new podcast in the SB4E family - Spring Break After Dark. In this episode Bobby interviews the new booker for The Springwater Supper Club, Corey Tucker. Also, we talk to Chris Holt from Young Ones Records about the infamous Kerry King guitar they have stored in the back of the store.

Aug 12, 2021

Bobby and the boys are back together again to party! On this episode, all the current SB4E alumni get together to surprise Sweet Time with a review of his recently released Sweet Time RNR comp. Bobby interviews the genius behind the SB4E theme song, Sam Agostino from Brat Farrar. They talk about a shit ton of...

Feb 11, 2021

Hey. It's been almost two years. What's up with you guys? In this episode Bobby and Sweet Time talk about Mondo Bizarro. Good? Bad? If you want our opinion, you gotta listen.

Jan 31, 2021

Bobby Hazzard is back!!! But...wait a second...this is the final episode of I Hate Music?!?!?!? Join Bobby as he plays his lost 2019 interviews with Violet from The Archaeas and Chick from The Daddy Sisters as well as a New Zealand friends Warm Leather. Stay tuned at the end for why there's been a year and a half long...