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Spring Break Forever Podcast

Feb 23, 2015

...But what's NOT to like about the variety of records coming out on the 12XU label these days?  Let's check out some recent releases of note, such as:

-Obnox "Boogalou Reed" LP
-White Lion (OK, not on 12XU but we still like to bring them up)
-John Schooley & Walter Daniels "Dead Mall Blues" LP
-Flesh Lights "Free...

Feb 3, 2015

Oh no, we’ve said too much… This is a marathon episode of SB4E with more than our usual quota of music and beer talk. But when it’s this cold out, a damn good time can be had drinking some brews and checking out killer records such as:


-Matthew Melton "Outside of Paradise" LP (solo demos from Warm Soda/Bare...